YWCA Cambridge Supports Ballot Question 4

By Haile Carrillo-Hayes, YWCA Cambridge Intern

What is Ballot Question #4? Ballot Question #4 is a new state law that would allow immigrants to obtain a Massachusetts driver’s license regardless of whether they are living in the country legally. YWCA Cambridge supports Ballot Question #4 because we believe all humans deserve equal rights and opportunities. Voting yes to Question #4 actively fights against xenophobia and would make Massachusetts roads safer because this ensures that everybody has to pass a road test, a vision test, and get insurance to get a license. 

Voting yes to Ballot Question #4 is in your best interest to make driving safer for everyone. Public safety data shows hit-and-run accidents have decreased significantly in the dozens of other states that have adopted similar measures. This law also instructs the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to set up procedures so that immigrants without legal status who obtain a driver’s license are not automatically registered to vote. Question #4 is crucial to make driving in Massachusetts safer for all and in the fight to end xenophobia. 

YWCA Cambridge stands alongside the Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition and many other organizations in support of Question #4. Make your voice heard on November 8th.


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