Our Hopes for 2023

YWCA Cambridge is excited to kick off another year of working towards a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We asked staff: What are your goals for your program or department in 2023? What are you striving for?

Trudy Bartlett, Director of Renae’s Place: I would like all programs to keep growing and excel with NEW collaborations and partnerships.

Michelle Howe, Case Manager, Renae’s Place: In 2023 my hopes are to equip our clients with tools to become the voice of their families by achieving safe, realistic, and reasonable goals that lead them to advocate their needs to succeed in continued permanent housing…. goals to enhance their self-worth and push them to higher levels of financial security.  

Puja Kranz Howe, Advocacy and Youth Leadership Manager: For 2023, I look forward to continuing to grow our Advocacy Department and center the needs of our residents, families, and youth through our legislative advocacy, community events, and local and state coalitions. 

For our youth leadership programs, I am excited to continue to build the world we want to see by questioning inequality and centering love and connection. There is an incredible need for more spaces for transgender and queer youth to connect, laugh, and celebrate each other’s identities. (Learn more about youth leadership programs here. 

Shamara Morris, Housing Stabilization Case Manager, Renae’s Place:  In 2023, I would like to see as many families as possible become stably housed and financially stable. In doing so they will be able to maintain their housing and gain financial freedom.  
Jessica Saravia, Resident Services Coordinator, Tanner Residence: What I am looking forward to accomplishing is to continue to create and lead community engagement efforts that will build a sense of community for the residents. Through activities such as providing support groups and social celebrations, we will continue to support a safe environment with an open dialogue providing inclusion and diversity for all women at the YWCA.


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